Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Shoe Charms - Newest Trend For Baby Showers

Why in the world are baby shoe charms everywhere? Finally something new and different is happening at baby showers across the world! The baby charms theme shower and baby shoe charms are among the favorites.

New babies are special! The baby shower needs to be a memorable event. We have all either been to or hosted baby showers with themed decorations, food, gifts or games. However, have you experienced the baby charm shower yet? It is a new, fun, creative way to "shower" the mother with love as well as give her long lasting reminders of the new little one.

Traditional showers provide many needed gifts for the much anticipated birth and they offer bonding and fun time with other women, but often times there isn't any specific gift for the expectant mother to be.

A mother to be quite naturally is in need of receiving blankets, bibs, sling, the clothes, and thank goodness there are loved ones willing to buy these for her. Anyone who has ever been pregnant can attest that being pregnant, no matter how joyous and incredible, requires a lot of her energy. Why not give the expectant mother something specifically for her? Something to remember this special event now and to have as a keepsake for years to come.

How exactly does a baby charm shower work? Each guest brings a charm, while the hostess purchases a charm bracelet. The bracelet can be any theme you want or simply consist of charms that represent the relationship with the mother and shower participants. Expectant mothers to be absolutely love them!
The diversity of charms available absolutely boggle the mind. The reason I mention this is because the variety of charms allows this gift to continue to be a part of the mother's life long after the birth of the child and in actuality, it could be a treasured piece of jewelry that continues to expand with charms of trips and other experiences the mother and child will share throughout a lifetime.

So next time someone gets the wonderful news they are expecting, you can suggest a baby charm shower. I found a great source for.925 sterling silver baby charms and baby shoe charms set with blue and pink crystals.

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